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NEW!!! Sacred Emotion

Sacred Emotion

By Suz

Part One


Grabbing his duffle bag, Freddie made his way out of the hotel lobby. Life seemed to be coming together now that his divorce became a reality. Smiling Freddie threw the duffle bag on the passenger side of his cherished Corvette stingray.

Feeling the leather upon the stirring wheel, Freddie accelerated as he gripped the wheel. Smiling he felt the freedom of the open road as he then embraced the feeling of freedom from his court battle against his now ex wife Katherine.

Freddie began to ponder as he thought of there first meeting at a Colorado ski Resort. “God Kathryn, I’m sorry it just wasn’t meant to be”. The wind began to blow against his face as Freddie looked over the corner of his eye spotting the ad in the paper. Smiling as he glanced at the ad, Freddie looked around the scenery “this is a great area. Not to far from Pie and from Ma” Sadly Freddie thought of his father, “Damn it Dad, Now if you were only here to see me actually get my life back together decently”. Freddie pulled in to the parking lot as he thought of his father and how he always concerned about his drug induced behavior. Sighing Freddie pulled to the far side of road as he waited for the realtor

Lifting the sunglasses over his forehead Freddie leaned his head back against the head rest. Freddie relaxed as he thought about his next career move. “Ma would be pleased with this, I’m sure” rubbing his eyes Freddie recalled telling his mother of his becoming a minister once he was done with show business. “I don’t need anything fancy, just a small church will do” Freddie silently said, “I’ll just leave the doors open on a Sunday. If any one sees the church being used then word will come around”. Smiling Freddie grabbed his cherished Bible paging through his favorite scriptures, As Freddie began to read scriptures he began to doze on and off as he waited for the realtor. Reflecting on his former career Freddie began to smile, “hec, I may even talk Zac into speaking on occasion” Freddie laughed, remembering his talks with Isaac who also became an ordained minister. “Good old Zak” speaking in a thick accent, Freddie often thought of his close friend and former costar. “Now times are different for both of us dude. If there was only a way I could reach you with out causing a riot” Freddie thought of Isaac’s recent appearances on Televangelist show’s like the Jim Bakker show . “Spread the word good buddy, we sure could use the help now -a- days”

Hearing a car pull up Freddie stirred as he then sat up from his seat after the sound of a door slam shut. Looking over his shoulder Freddie noticed the realtor arrive with her brief case. Freddie carefully placed his Bible in the glove compartment.

Getting out of his Corvette, Freddie was happy to see her.

“Thanks for coming so soon” Freddie smiled as he shook her hand. Without hseitation she responded back as she recognized Freddie. “I’m Sandra, Mr. Prinze, we spoke over the phone.”

“Nice to meet you, Thank you for coming in such short notice” Freddie smiled as he firmly shook her hand.

Sandra and Freddie looked over the property.

Freddie noticed how old the building was, “This is quite an old building, isn‘t it”

“Yes Mr. Prinze, It was build around the turn of the century, Estimated around 1904. Are you looking to buy this for a charitable deduction? ”

Freddie carefully thought it over, “If she finds out that I am planning on preaching in this building she’ll tell the press. Better think of something fast, Fred”……. “Yes, I am thinking about the community and also for the youth in the area. You know, good public relations” Freddie smiled hiding the mild fear he had in his eyes.

Sandra agreed, “Sounds like a good idea. We can take a look inside, if you like what you see. Maybe we can crunch some numbers. Make an offer and see how much of a crew you may need for any repairs”

Freddie stood beside Sandra as she unlocked the doors to the old chapel. Walking inside, a gleam shown on Freddie’s eye as he tried to hide in his feelings of what he had seen. “With a little paint and some minor repairs I could make this old Church come alive again!“ Carefully holding in his hidden secret, Freddie walked over towards the pulpit looking over the empty pews.

Sandy stood in the aisle watching Freddie look over towards her from the pulpit area;

“You know something Mr. Prinze….Ah never mind” Sandy looked over towards Freddie standing behind the pulpit.

“No go ahead, What were you going to say?” Freddie asked as he walked away from the pulpit.

“Just seeing you up there reminded me of one of your Chico episodes” Sandra said as she shyly smiled, “But I imagine that you get tired of being referred to as Chico all the time”.

“ah not really, I mean, I did for a while. I just didn’t want to be tight cast you know, as

Chico. My movie I did for television helped me a little. They were kind enough to say that I did a real good performance”

“That’s great Mr. Prinze. Seeing that you’ve looked over the building. Do you wish to make an offer on this property?”

Smiling Freddie stepped down the steps near the pulpit as Sandra took out a few forms from her brief case.

“Yes, I would.. I think this church will do wonders.” Freddie smiled as he sat down on the pew next to her,


Showing Freddie the suggested offer price Sandra pointed to Freddie the sellers options to buy, “This Mr. Prinze, is what the seller has asked for the property. Looking over the numbers Freddie smiled, “How about I put this down for an offer.,” Freddie wrote down a dollar amount surprising Sandra, “That‘s quite an amount, Mr. Prinze…”

“Please Sandra, Please call me Freddie” smiling handing her pen back to her.

“Freddie…. Ok, Are you sure you want to put that much down? It’s quite a lot even for this property?”

Nodding his head Freddie agreed, “Yes, I do, but in one condition. First you have to promise me something…”

“Sure, Freddie. Anything” Sandra smiled.

“ I would like to keep this a secret, that it was purchased by me. I have special plans for this property and I don’t want the press to know what is going to happen”



Part Two


Grabbing change out of his pocket, Freddie placed the coins in the payphone. Looking all around him Freddie waited for the other party to pick up the phone.


“Ma, I did it!” Freddie gleamed as he spoke quietly. Eyeing the area Freddie kept a close watch to see if he would be recognized.

Curious Freddie’s Mother spoke, “Did what Freddie. Your not in any trouble I hope. I haven’t heard from you in quite a while”

“Ma, you know how I’ve always wanted to be a minister after showbiz. Right?” Freddie smiled keeping his composer.

“Ah Freddie, “Maria said, “Yes, I remember you once telling me. You were such a wise cracker then” Maria chuckled.

Smiling yet embarrassed Freddie responded, “Ma, I’m serious”

“Your studies are complete. Yes?. Maria gleamed as she reflected of Freddie on his younger days, “I remember when you first told me you wanted to be a minister after show business Freddie. I just can’t believe my son has accomplished yet another dream”

“Yes Ma, and on top of that I have purchased a small church just outside of you and Pie”

Crying Maria wished Freddie well as she listened to her son’s newest accomplishment. “Oh Freddie, If only your father was here to see you. You’ve grown into such a handsome man and a loving father.”


Wiping his eyes Freddie smiled as he listened to his mother.

“Does Kathryn and little Freddie know that you have become a minister?” Maria asked

“No Ma, I have not told anyone about this yet. I am contacting Zac tomorrow to let him know of my location”

“Mando will be elated to hear of your news Freddie. Knowing the two of you are out and about saving the lost souls in this world. I leave it all in God’s hands”

Listening to the words of his Mother Freddie smile as he hung up the phone. “I hope she is right God. With your help and Zac’s we can change the world one soul at a time”


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