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NEW!! Destiny's forbidden desire, chapter 34-35

Chico grabbed a few story books getting ready to read to the kids when Suzanne got home. Looking at his watch Chico wondered why Suzanne was running late. “I better call Della and see if she has left.” Dialing the phone Chico impatiently waited.

“Come on, come on…..”

“Della’s….…’ Dells spoke

“ Della”

“Hi Chico”

“By any chance has Suzanne left your place?”

“Chico she never showed up?

“Never showed up? Chico began to become inpatient, “Della can you come over and watch the kids, I need to look for Suzanne.”

“Sure Chico, I hope she is alright. I’ll be over in just a few minutes…” Della hung up the phone.

Della left her store heading to the garage.

Arriving to the garage Della pounded on the door.

Hearing Della Chico rushed over to let her in. “Hi Chico” Della smiled as she waved to Edina. Francisco and Ramón.

“How long has Suzanne be gone Chico?” Della asked.

At least an hour Della, I’m beginning to worry” Chico feared

“ Worry? Why, did you two have a lovers quarrel?” Della smiled “ Maybe she had to stop at the market for something?”

Chico disagreed, “Della there is something you don’t know about Suzanne. In fact I just found out recently”

“What’s that Chico?”

“Suzanne’s family has been competing with my father’s business affairs for quite awhile”

“Your kidding? What exactly does Suzanne have to do with all of this though?”

“Nothing really? Her father freaked when he was here to see her live with me and finding out that I was related to Gilberto Rodriguez”

“Are you sure she is not up to what her father is trying to do?” Della asked.

“I don’t think so. She even told her father that she loved me” Sighed Chico worrying over Suzanne. “ She’s been a bit nervous since he showed up.

“Nervous? Nervous how Chico” Della asked

“She has been trying to hide it but she has been very uneasy”

A pounding was heard on the garage door.

“What was that?” Della asked “Are you expecting anyone?”

“No Della” Chico concerned wondered himself

“I’ll take a look. Della please stay here and watch the kids” Chico quickly headed out of the apartment.

Jogging to the entrance of the garage Chico struggled to open the door , “what’s blocking the door?”

Chico pushed against the door again opening it. Looking over the door Chico freaked upon what he saw, “Oh shit” Frantically Chico began to yell for assistance,

“Della call an ambulance!” Chico knelt down embracing Suzanne, “Oh God who did this to you” Shocked Chico couldn’t hold it in no longer as Della came out of the garage door.

Frightened Della witnessed Chico rock Suzanne. Carefully wiping her hair away from her bruised face.

“Oh dear God” Della knelt down towards Chico, “Is she breathing?”

Sadly Chico spoke, “yes, she is”

“Chico the paramedics are on there way” Della looked throughout the alley for the paramedics”



In tears Chico held on to Suzanne,

“Suz, can you hear me?” Chico gently brushed her hair with his hand, “ Oh God Suz, who did this to you?”

Sirens were heard as the ambulance pulled up by the garage entrance.

Slowly Suzanne’s eyes opened

Chico appeared before her in a dazed vision. Trying to speak, Suzanne struggled to raise her head as she then looked toward Chico.

Pain throughout her body rose as she collapsed upon Chico’s arms passing out.


Frightened Chico looked at the paramedics. “ I heard a pounding on our door and found my girl lying here. Someone beat the shit out of her“.

Paramedics placed Suzanne on a gurney as she was then put inside the ambulance. Chico wanted to go with her but had to stay with the kids. Paramedics closed the door as Chico tried to look inside.

“Go Chico, I’ll watch the kids” Della said

Chico left the alley getting Ed’s old pickup truck.

Firing up the engine. Chico shifted gear as he squealed out of the alley.

Chico’s mind raced , “ Why did this happen to her? Who could of done this to her?” Desperately Chico tried to recall any troubled kids hanging around the neighborhood.

Following the ambulance Chico tried to see what the paramedics where doing to Suzanne



Arriving to the hospital Chico quickly parked and followed the paramedics handling Suzanne. Desperately Chico tried to follow Suzanne as she was lead into another room. Barely making it inside Chico was stopped from behind. “Where do you think you are going?” Said a man grasping Chico’s arm.

“I have to be with her. I found her in the condition she was in” Chico desperately tried to get into the room as he was held away by Security

“Follow me” ,

“where are we going?” Chico asked as he was dragged away from Suzanne

“I have a few questions to ask you before you go anywhere” asked the guard

“Hey, hey, what’s this all about? Your not thinking I beat her up are you?” Chico tried to pull away from the guard

“Just formalities sir. Then your free to go” Chico struggled as he was lead into the adjoining room for questioning.

“Before we are through; is there anyone I can call to verify your credentials?” Asked the guard.

“Yes, his name is Louie Wilson, a dear friend of my former boss and my girl”

“Ok, just a few questions then I will contact Mr. Wilson”

“How long have you and ms. Suzanne been together?” asked the guard

Chico thought it over, “God it has been a while. We have two children together and one son of hers is from a friend of ours”

“Really?’ asked the guard, “She seems pretty young to have three kids?”

Chico smiled, “Yes, I know, but deep down she shows unconditional love to each of them”

Sadly the guard questioned him, “Chico, have you and Suzanne made out a will together?”

“ A will? Why? I mean it seems so early in our lives?’ Chico asked

“Think about it Chico, what if she doesn’t pull through? Or needs assisted living?” How are you going to manage to raise three kids alone?”

Gathering information Chico thought about there future, “God, I never thought about that.” Thinking of there future Chico made a decision, “When we are through I’ll get right on it. I know someone who can help get through all the red tape and get the will drawn up for us”

“That’s good Chico”

Becoming antsy Chico stood up, “please, Can I see Suzanne?”

“Sure I’ll take you to her room”

Chico was lead away out of the guards office till he spotted a friend,

“Louie” Chico felt relieved to see an old friend

Embracing Chico, Louie consoled him, “I heard the news from Della. Have you seen her son?”

“No Louie, I haven’t seen her since she was admitted in” Chico emotionally said, “Please Louie be with me when I see her. I don’t think I can go through with this alone”

Louie agreed as he followed Chico to her room.

“Here’s her room” Chico looked at the assigned name on the room number.

Fearing to see her he held back

“Son, are you ok?” Louie asked,

“Louie, She was badly beaten. What if she doesn’t pull through ?” Chico broke down

Embracing him Louie reassured him, “Son if she is alert. Just be yourself in front of her. Don’t let her see the fear in your eyes.”

“Let her know that everything will be alright”

“ok” Chico wiped his eyes as he then lead Louie in to her room.

Nurses where monitoring her as Chico and Louie walked inside,

“How is she?” Chico quietly asked one of the nurses,

“She’s conscious but under medication for the pain of her bruises” the nurse replied

Chico approached Suzanne as he gently touched her hand, “Suz, can you hear me?”

Louie carefully held her other hand as he began to pray for her,

Sadly Louie asked Chico, “who could of done this to her Chico?”

Chico brushed her hair back as she began to move.

Slowly opening her eyes Suzanne looked at Chico and then to Louie,

Tears began to fall as she focused on Chico

Sadly Suzanne began to speak

“Chico I was beaten up by my own brother. All because I was involved with you”

“Involved with me?” questioned Chico

Crying Suzanne remembered the car ride with her brother, “ I have disgraced my family Chico, all because I fell in love with you, and for that I paid the price”

“Does this have to do with my father and his business?” Chico questioned her, “I have nothing to do with my father’s business. The only connection is with Edina and she is a mere child”

Chico then had a horrible thought, “God seeing what they did to her. I hate to imagine what they could do to our daughter”

Suzanne carefully moved her hand towards Louie’s, “It is nice to see you Louie”

Smiling Louie lightly squeezed her hand as he fought back the tears. “it’s good to see you too Suz”

Knocking on the door Suzanne’s doctor walked inside her room, “Suzanne, I’m Doctor Lopez. I have been monitoring you since your admission to the hospital”

Concerned Suzanne tried to move closer,

“No Suzanne please keep yourself rested, I would like to go over the injuries with you that were diagnosed”.

Concerned Chico questioned the doctor, “Doc, is there something wrong?”

“I better leave you two alone., So the doctor can go over what is needed with Suzanne” Louie was about to leave to he was stopped, “ Louie please stay with us. You are like family to me” Suzanne responded

“Please Doctor, what is wrong my girl?’ Chico pleaded

“Suzanne has received severe trauma in her head and is experiencing pain. The medication that she is receiving is helping her cope till….”

“Is there cause for concern Doc?” Chico asked,

“Please Mr. Rodriguez lets step outside her room”

Chico motioned to Louie, “Stay with her for a few minutes. I want to talk to the doctor” Louie nodded his head in response


Following the doctor Chico was lead to an private room just outside Suzanne’s.

“Please sit down Chico” Suzanne’s doctor pulled out a chair towards him for Chico. Showing him a form Chico carefully looked at it, “with the blows to her head there is a possibility that Suzanne could temporally lose her site”

“Loose her site?”

“Are you saying she is going to go blind?” Chico asked,

“Not necessarily, Chico, Yet there is possibility” said the doctor, “The trauma from the blow to her head as she fell to the ground has impaired her vision”

“She never mentioned to me that she was having trouble seeing me Doc?” Chico questioned,

“Suzanne right now is experiencing mild blurred vision , she still has the chance to see clearly

Chico sat in disbelief, “She’ll never see her children grow up if she goes totally blind”

“Yes that is true Chico, but that is a very slim chance, the worse she may experience is extreme blurred vision,. She will see but it will be all blurred objects to her”

Rubbing his eyes Chico tried to face what was about to come “ Is that why It was brought up about Suzanne needing assisted living?”

“Yes Chico that is correct. She will be able to live a normal life but with the aid of assistance”

“Thank you Doctor.” Chico responded.

“When her vision does deteriorate please be prepared she will be in shock and be very frightened not knowing what she will going through”

“I better find a way to tell her soon” Chico replied. Sadly Chico looked towards her room, “She has gone through so much lately”

“Suzanne has always been a strong willed women. I just hope that she remains strong when she realizes her vision will be impaired”

Chico and Suzanne’s Doctor left to enter her room. “Would you like for me to tell her Chico?”

Chico disagreed, “Thank you Doctor but I better handle this one on my own. When she realizes how she how this happened she will be devastated I’m sure”

Shaking his hand Chico thanked the doctor for there conversation. Heading back to her room Chico prepared himself to speak with Suzanne.

Quietly leaning inside Chico checked to see if Suzanne was asleep

Hearing footsteps Suzanne looked beside her, “Chico?”

“I’m sorry Suz, I didn’t want to disturb you from your rest”

Smiling Suzanne adjusted herself carefully for Chico to sit beside her on the bed, “I’ve been wondering what you and the doctor had to say,”

Sadly Chico carefully sat beside Suzanne on her bed. Motioning to Louie Chico asked to have him be with them,

“What did the Doctor say Chico?” Suzanne began to rub her eyes as her vision became blurry.

“Suz, the doctor said that because of the blow to your head from the force of your fall to the ground” Sighing Chico tried to remain strong in front of her, “There is a strong chance Suz, that your vision will be impaired”

“Impaired? You mean I’m going to go blind?” Suzanne tearfully asked,

Taking her hand Louie tried to comfort her. Chico held her other hand. “Suz, you will be able to see but your vision will be very blurry. According to the doctor you’ll something like blurred objects and not be able to make much of it out”

“How long will I be unable to see?” Suzanne tearfully asked

“Suz, It is hard to say. The doctor said it could be short term or it could be long term”

Suzanne leaned her head on her hands and began to cry, “ Why did he have to hurt me? Why?”

Chico leaned closer to embrace Suzanne, “God Suz, I am so sorry.”

Carefully embracing Chico. Suzanne thought about the ride with her brother. “How could he betray me like that.”

Suzanne embraced Chico tighter. “All because I love you so much Chico. Some how my family was told of our living together”

“I gave him my everything and all he did was try to hurt me”



Driving back to there hotel David informed Dean of his actions against her, “I showed her a lesson like you requested”

“I just roughed her up a bit” David said as he motioned to the driver to pull up the front entrance

Feeling a sense of relief Dean then became concerned, “ I know how rough you can get son, especially when your all fired up. I hope to God you didn’t do any permanent damage to her. She is a great asset to this company and the last thing I need to find out is that she is clinging to life somewhere in a hospital”

“Not to worry father, I’m sure if she is in a hospital she’ll pull through. My only concern is that if she remembers any of it and recalls that I was the one that hurt her. She will try to press charges against me”

“Well son if that happens. We can always put the blame on the driver.” Dean responded.

“ Ah yes, that is right. That new driver you hired is a friend of Suzanne’s. A very jealous man as I recall from what she had always wrote about. He will be the perfect cover up if it ever gets to that point”



Chico gently grasped Suzanne’s hand as he witnessed Suzanne’s sorrow.

“Suz, can you tell me what exactly happened after you left the garage?”

Sadly Suzanne struggled to think of what had happen to her.

“I went over towards Della’s and then a bunch of kids that looked like they were in a gang tried to approach me”

“Approach you?” Chico asked

“Yeah, I was feeling uneasy about them and felt that they were going to try to rob me or something so I ran”

Shocked Chico thought about the neighborhood kids

“I saw a cab come by and whistled for one and it pulled over. I requested to go to the Hope House. Then all of the sudden two black Sedans came by and stopped the front of the cab. Two unknown men grabbed me from the cab and put me in the back seat in one of the cars. That was when I noticed one thing”

“my brother was in side”

“Your Brother?” Chico questioned. “How did he know where you lived?”

Rubbing her eyes. She was reminded of the privacy window, “My brother opened the window between us and the driver………. It was Mando”

“Mando, he is a part of your family’s organization?”

“Chico I have a strong feeling that he was the one that held me as my brother beat me up.



Mando drove up towards the hotel entrance.

Getting out of the car, Mando then opened the back door. Looking all around him David entered the hotel lobby as Mando followed him inside. “Come up to the suit with me Mando. You deserve it”

Taking the elevator Mando and David headed up to Dean’s Suite

Feeling edgy Mando began to pace

“what’s up Ramón? You seem a little nervous?” David asked

“I didn’t think you were going to be that rough on her David” Mando replied.

“Well from what I understand Ramón she did you wrong too, so I let her have it from the both of us”

“How could you be so cruel to your sister like that David?” Mando asked

“Cruel? That’s an understatement Ramón. I remember her writing to us saying that you tried to drug her with some Magic mushrooms and that alone almost killed her”

Suddenly Mando felt ashamed of his attempt to drug her. “Yes that is true David but I never meant to kill her”

“oh, but you loved her enough to harm her” David replied

“Ok ok I get the point” Manfdo replied

As they arrived to the suite level. Nervously Mando got out of the elevator . Two guards noticed there arrival and let them in.

“Were back” David said as he careless threw his gloves on the table.

Embracing him Dean welcomed them back. “I trust everything went according to plan”

“Yes Dad,”

“Yes Mr. Richards” Mando replied

“Call me Dean from now on Ramón. David has informed me much about you, and I believe you will be a big part of this organization”

Smiling in relief Mando thanked him then turned into concern

“Is something bothering you Ramon?” Dean asked

“I’m just concerned for Suzanne…”

“Yes I recall you were once married to her”

“I just hope Dean that she pulls through this. David really pounded the hell out of her”


“Not to worry Ramón. I’ve already spoke to David about what had happen to her.”

“Trust me Ramón. I’m sure if Suzanne will press charges on her own brother. She will change her mind. Regardless what Chico tries to convince her to do. She knows better then that”


“Maybe so Dean, but what if Chico talks her into doing so” Mando became nervous

“Well then Mando, we will have to teach Mr. Rodriguez a lesson also”


Chico helped Suzanne out of her bed. “Are you sure your up to this Suzanne?”

Suzanne reached over to hold on to Chico’s shoulders,, “Yes Chico. I would feel better If I could get up and walk around”

Carefully Chico helped Suzanne out of her bed and held on to her arm. “Are you ok?”

“yes Chico” Suzanne said as she got her balance

Suzanne carefully held on to Chico as they walked out of her room.

“How are you feeling?” Chico asked as he notice her look around.

“My head is pounding Chico….’ Suzanne held on to Chico’s arm

“Maybe we should go back to your room and rest” Turning her around Chico guided her back to her room.

“Oh dear God” Suzanne looked over towards her room as her vision became blurred.

“What’s wrong?” Chico stopped her, “Are you alright?”

“Hold me Chico please” Suzanne cried

Embracing her Chico held her for a long time

“Chico I can’t see well at all. It is all blurry.”

“Oh Chico
Suzanne became nervous “I’m scared”

Suzanne held on to Chico as he embraced her. “Chico what’s going on ” Suddenly Suzanne remembered what Chico had told her. “Oh God Chico. It’s happening”

Sadly Suzanne began to cry on Chico’s shoulder, “I’m losing my sight Chico. ” Gently Chico rubbed her back ”please don’t leave me

“Please don’t leave me” Suzanne quietly said as she held on to Chico

“It will be alright Suz. Let’s get back to your room and pray that this is only temporary” Cautiously Chico guided Suzanne back to her room


Nurses were busy doing rounds when Chico spotted one. “Please get in touch with Suzanne’s doctor. Tell him that her condition has worsen”

A nurse hearing Chico’s request quickly left to page Suzanne’s doctor. Walking inside her room Chico guided her to her bed. “Here Suz”

Sitting up right Suzanne thought about her recent events involving her brother. “I realize we were never that close but why in the hell did he have to be so rough on me”


Carefully Suzanne felt her way towards the bed table. Feeling her way around Suzanne felt a telephone. Relief set in as Suzanne notice the push buttons on the phone.

“Suzanne. Can I help you with Something?” Chico asked

Frantically Suzanne tried to dial a number. “Chico I need to get in touch with my dad”

“Your dad?” Chico held the phone away from her. “He had your brother beat the shit out of you and you want to speak with him. That does not make any sense Suz”

Reaching for the phone Suzanne tried to feel her way towards Chico. “Please Chico. I want to talk to him. He might be worried about me”

Chico sighed as he reluctantly gave Suzanne the receiver , “what is the number and I’ll dial it for you”

Giving him the information Chico then dialed the number handing her the phone Chico then watched as Suzanne waited for her father to answer.


“This is Dean”

“Dad, I need to talk to you about what Dave did to me” Suzanne nervously began to speak

“Yes Suzanne. Dave told me that he taught you a lesson. Although I have been worried because I haven’t heard from you.” Dean thought of his son’s anger and what he had done to her.

“Dad I’m in the hospital. There is something I have to tell you though….”

“How are you? Your not seriously hurt are you?” Dean asked

Crying Suzanne had to confess what her brother did to her, “Dad he beat the shit out of me me . He hit me so hard I fell back on the ground and…..”

“Oh God what” Dean a frantically asked


“ I am having trouble focusing. My vision isn‘t good and from the Doctors they have indicated it could get worse” Suzanne cried as Chico then went to hold her.

Sadly Dean sighed, “Is it that serious?” Looking over his schedule Dean looked over his plans for the day. “I’ll have Dave come by and see how you are doing. I’m sure he had no intentions to seriously hurt you”

“But Dad You know how he has always felt about me possibly taking over your company.” Suzanne quietly said, “He’s always had a bad attitude with me since I was chosen and he wasn’t “

“Trust me Suzanne. David knows the position he is in on the company and he has a vital role in it’s self”

“Okay dad, if you say so” Suzanne hung up the phone.

Suzanne cried as she feared her brother’s presence again. “Chico, I want to go for a walk around the floor.” Chico helped her out of her bed then handed her mobility cane.

Extending his hand to hers Suzanne then guided her hand up towards Chico’s arm. “Ok I’m ready” Using her cane Suzanne carefully walked out of her room with Chico.


Moving her cane Suzanne walked down the corridor adjacent to her room. Fear came over her as she took each step forward. Gripping on to Chico’s arm her steps became cautious.

Chico gently held her hand as prepared for Suzanne’s newest challenge. “Your doing fine Suz.”

“Hey kiddo”


Suddenly Suzanne heard a familiar voice.


Looking around her Suzanne tried to find the voice that she once knew. “Where are you?”

“I’m right here Suz” Chico answered. Suzanne disagreed. “No Chico, I hear a familiar voice.” Quietly Suzanne whispered. “It sounds like my brother….”

“David?” Suzanne squinted as she tried to focus upon the voice.

“Over here” David spoke as he waved Chico and Suzanne over. Sighing as anger set in, Chico looked at the voice calling her over. “Don’t worry Suz. I’ll see that he doesn’t hurt you in any way”


Approaching Suzanne David embraced her. Concerned Chico looked on. “Man, how could you?”

Sadly Suzanne pulled away from David. “ Yeah David, Some brother you are.”

“What are you talking about Suz?” David guided Suzanne as Chico followed them to a visitors area. “Why did you have to be so rough on me. First you grab me and pin me against a wall. It was bad enough that you had to slap the shit out of me but to have someone hold me while you smack me is going to far”

Chico was stunned to hear Suzanne speak of her beating “What I don’t understand David is how you could actually do this to your own sister?”


“Hey sis, Dad told me to teach you a lesson , so I did. Besides Chico if she is going to be some kind of big shot in Dad’s company you have to learn to take a beating or too”

Chico interrupted, “What makes you think she is going to run your father’s business anyway?”

“Dad told us so. Chico.” Dave said,

“She is not leaving East L A for something shotty as your father’s business David”

“What makes you think that she will want to stay here and spend the rest of her life living in poverty?”


Motioning to David Chico lead away from the corridor

Anger set in Chico as he fiercely grabbed a hold of David’s shirt “Man, Suzanne and I love each. We don’t mind how much we have or don’t have. As long as we have each other, that’s what matters”

“That is not true Chico. She always had a passion for the better things in life and she still does”

“Look at her bank account” David showed Chico Suzanne’s account book that her father froze on her.

Chico took the bank book looking at all the transactions “Holy Shit” Chico thought, “And I thought Marilyn was loaded”


Giving back Suzanne’s bank book to her Brother Chico questioned him, “That’s quite a lot of funds for one person. She must of saved quite a bit of it on her own”


David disagreed, “Are you kidding? She inherited it, the same as me” Giving back Suzanne’s bank book David placed it inside Chico’s pocket, “Give this to her and tell her that she has access to her funds again”


Sadly Chico thought about her, “I don’t think that will cheer her up David. She is a little discouraged about her visit with her doctor”


“What did he say?” David asked, “I just smack her a few times Chico. Mando held her as I slapped her. When the cops drove by we both split. Mando just let go of her and that was the last we seen of her”

“So your saying that Suzanne’s blindness is because Mando let go of her after you slugged her?”

“Yeah that sounds about right. I slugged her and slapped her a few times. Suzanne was staggering as Mando held her. When we both saw the cops drive by Mando let go of her and she fell back. I looked back as we were running and she was leaning against the wall clasping”

“How did Mando reacted as he held her?” Chico asked. “Mando had fear and revenge in him. He wanted to get even with her but I sensed that he knew I was going a bit to far on her”


“and you never stopped to check on her?” Chico asked


“What is this Chico? A God damn trial?” David asked “Mando and I are both on the cops asses for separate reasons. If we get caught and break parole then we both are fucked”


Chico sighed, “There’s no need to get all pissed off at me, David. I suggest we try to keep a positive attitude when we are with Suzanne.”

“I just hope she regains her sight again” Rising off his chair Chico decided to go to Suzanne’s room. “Listen Chico, don’t automatically think I am a bad person for what happen to her. Suzanne is still my sister and I do care for her believe it or not”

Chico walked back to Suzanne’s room shrugging off what David had told him. “Hey Suz,”

Smiling Suzanne looked over hearing Chico’s familiar voice. “Hey Chico. Is everything alright?”


“Yes, Your brother and I had to have a serious conversation” Chico sat on her bed embracing her hand. “did he threatened you Chico?” Suzanne asked.


“No, Suz we get all our frustrations out towards each other.” Chico leaned down to kiss her,

“Suz, I have to ask you something? Something involving Mando”

“What Chico, What does Mando have to do with you and my brother?”

“Do you remember him holding you as your brother began to push and shove you?”

Suzanne thought about what had happen to her. “ I remember someone holding me. Holding my shoulders from behind. Then I kept hearing someone telling my brother to ease up and stop. Oh God” Suzanne suddenly thought “ it was Mando”

“Why would he want to hurt me?”



Arriving to the hospital, Mando approached the front desk. “I’m looking for a Suzanne Ramirez, is she admitted here?’

Checking the admission records the receptionist gave Mando her room number.


Finding an elevator Mando selected the floor that Suzanne was on. “I hope she is alright. David really did a number on her” Mando thought as he arrived on her floor. Looking all around He noticed the direction of her room.

Mando stopped his footing finding a visitors area he then decided to sit down. “Please be ok Suz, That is all I ask of you”

Regaining his composer Mando got up off his chair then looked for Suzanne’s room.

Suzanne lay asleep as Chico and David then decided to walk to the cafeteria.


Mando looked throughout the corridor finding Suzanne’s room. Hearing footsteps Suzanne stirred as she wondered who was coming in her room.

“hello?” Sitting up Suzanne gently felt her way towards her bed table.

No response came as Suzanne greeted the visitor again, “Hello, is anyone there?”

Mando quietly sat down on her bed as he gently took hold her hand.

Smiling Suzanne responded, “Chico. Take me out of my room. I would like to walk around”

Taking a hold of her hand mando carefully guided her out of her bad. “wait Chico, I need my stick”

‘Her stick?” Mando questioned to himself as he spotted Suzanne’s guide stick, “Sadly Mando feared as he realized her recovery. “Jesus” Mando thought, “She can’t see”


“Suz” Mando whispered, “Are you going to be alright? I’m so sorry this was done to you”


Listening to the voice near her, Suzanne began to wonder, “Mando?”


“Shh” mando whispered,

“Why did you let this happen to me?” Suzanne said quietly,

“Please, Suz, follow me to a more secluded area where we can talk in private”

Carefully Mando guided Suzanne out to a corridor far from her room.


Stopping Suzanne he then guided her towards a chair to sit down., “Sit down here Suz,. Then we can talk privately”


Finding her chair Suzanne carefully sat down.

“What do you remember from the car ride with your brother Suz” mando asked

“ Well mando if I remember correctly, I was taken away from a cab I was riding into then dragged into a limo whom I remember my brother was in…..”

“…… My brother called someone stating that they had me in there car. David was upset all because I was not doing what was originally planned and that I was always falling in love with who my father’s business people were involved with”

“we pulled into an alley and I recall my brother telling a Ramón to get out of the car.

“Ramón opened my door and let me out just as David grabbed me and shoved me around towards the car. I stumbled, turning around wondering why he was doing that. David was getting mad because I became dizzy and began to loose my balance, that was when he called for Ramón to grab a hold of me. I stood there in fear as my brother began to slap me and push me around”


“Go on Suz” Mando feared her answer.

“I felt a tight grip behind me upon my shoulders and I remember you telling them to quit it and take it easy on me”


“Then I felt a blow towards my head as I hit the wall from my brothers force”

“Suz he hit you so hard that I lost grip of you and you slammed against the building”

“Why couldn’t you stop him Mando?” Suzanne cried

“Suz, the cops were driving by and we both feared getting caught” Mando said.

“But why did you let it happen Mando? Why couldn’t you just block me from my brother‘s fist?”

Mando sadly answered her, “Suz, because I am working for your father now and I was told to drive your brother around till he found you. Your father was pleased with what happened as far as discipline towards you and me being a part of it that he has big plans for me to succeed in his business”

Shocked Suzanne couldn’t believe what Mando told her. “Your working for my father?”

“I can’t believe you would work with such a creep as my brother”

Holding her hand., Mando tried to console her. “Suz, he is doing this as a work release thing from my past of harming you”

“If I cooperate and get involve in your family’s business your dad will put in a good word for me and I could get a pardon”

Suzanne stood up moving her walking stick Suzanne tried to find her way around.

“Where are you going?” Mando asked as he got up.

“I’m heading back to my room Mando” Suzanne tried to feel her way around.

“Here Suz let me help you” Mando tried to grab her ar.

“No Mando back off” Suzanne said. “ I can do this on my own” Suzanne struggled to find her way around. Crying She had trouble finding the exit. “I can’t believe it Mando. You would stoop this low to work with my family”


“Suz, I going to be fine… honest” Mando pleaded,

“ all because I love Chico too much you had to try to win my father’s heart by joining his fucking business”

“……………..I can’t stand my family for doing that”

“come on Suz,” Mando sighed as he tried to convince her “ I never meant to hurt you. This was the only gig that I could actually get some real bread. All the other jobs I’ve had couldn’t cut it”


“Listen Mando. I love Chico, nothing is going to stand in my way. Not even you or my family”

Mando took hold of her arm, “Suz, I am a better person now. You have to trust me”


Sighing Suzanne didn’t agree. “Trust you? How can you be a better person? My father is known to run and push people around?”

“Let me show you Suz” Mando dug deep into his pocket, “Reach out your hand. I want you to feel this”

Suzanne raised her hand toward Mando as he placed a roll of bills on the palm of her hand, “Mando this feels like money”

“Can you see any of it Suzanne?” Mando smiled,

Suzanne tried to focus on the roll of bills, I see the colors, the numbers are kind of blurry. It looks like several twenty dollars bills Mando”

Mando smiled as he disagreed, “Ah Suz, try several fifty dollar bills. Your father told me of your silent interest in money and has now respected me to play a major role in his business.”

“Yeah So, what is the big deal about the money through.” Suzanne asked.

“Well Suz, You recall your father freezing your bank accounts?” Mando asked

“Oh God Mando. That was not fair of him having him keep me from my own money”

“well Suz, Your father has given me power of attorney of your funds account”


“That’s right Suz, I know own and access your supposed trust fund”

Shock flooded Suzanne, “oh my God Mando, That is my own money, Money I rightfully earned when I agreed to join my father in his stupid business”

“There is one way you can get it back Suz

“How Mando. How in God’s green earth am I able to get back my own money?”

Answering her, Mando looked at Suzanne with eagerness in his eyes. “You know what I want Suz”

A light gaze was felt as Mando smoothly moved his hand up and down her back towards her lower torso. Suzanne struggled as she began to get aroused from Mando’s touch.

Snapping out of Mando’s approach to her, Suzanne changed the subject, “Have you received any papers from Gilberto?”

Mando then became disturbed over Suzanne’s avoiding his approach to her, “The divorce request?” Mando questioned, “Yeah I received them and I signed them. Gilberto’s men were there so I had no choice”

Suzanne curious couldn’t understand

“Gilberto’s men threatened me.” Mando angrily said

Suzanne stopped as she turned toward Mando

“Is that why you are working for my father . To get even with me?”

“Maybe, Suzanne. Your family knows how much I love you and would do anything for you. With your brother’s help. Chico will not have you in his life”

“uh ah Mando. What makes you so sure?” Suzanne asked.

“I seen the anger in your brother’s eyes when he slugged you Suz. I know for a fact once Dean, your father tells your brother to harm Chico, God only knows what your brother will do to him

Suzanne grabbed his arm, “You wouldn’t dare Mando” Tightly gripping his arm Mando was pulled towards her, “now that my divorce from you is official. When are you going to learn to back off?”

Mando disagreed, “Suz, you are my life. Regardless of the divorce. You will never be a part for me. In my heart you will always have a special place for me” Struggling to understand Suzanne questioned him. “yeah well how does Isabel feel about this?”

“Isabel and I have a understanding?” Mando held Suzanne’s hand

“You had no Idea that Isabel and Chico were related?” Suzanne asked

“No Suz not at all …” mando replied,

“That’s bullshit Mando, I bet when you found out that she was related to Chico you had to have sex with her to even with Chico I bet”


“Why are you bringing up the past Suzanne?” Mando curiously asked,

“Because Mando, You are a womanizer. You may not realize it Mando but you are. Besides if I am legally divorced now. You should not have access to my trust fund”

Angrily Mando stopped her, “Oh now your comparing me to Chico, huh”

“What?” Suzanne slapped Mando’s face.

Mando grabbed Suzanne’s arm “That was uncalled for and you know it” Disagreeing Suzanne slapped him again. Mando began to get angry as he grabbed her hands to keep from slapping him, “Your not being fair” Enraged Mando began to shove and push her. “I love you Suzanne, yet you are still hung up on Chico. That is why I had an affair with Isabel”. Frustrated with Suzanne’s love for Chico, Mando began to push and shove her, “ While you and I were making love together. In your mind you were making love to Chico. So I decided to make love to someone else”.

Suzanne began to cry, “That’s not true Mando”. angrily Mando disagreed, “yes it is” angrily Mando began to push her against the wall knocking her on the floor crying. Mando knelt down towards her, “ I will always be a part of your life Suz. Your family does not want any part of Chico in your life. So you and I will always be together regardless of the divorce”


Chico arrived back to Suzanne’s room. Noticing Suzanne was not in her room, curiously Chico became concerned. “Ah oh” Chico thought, “ I hope she didn’t wander off somewhere and got lost” Sighing Chico sat on her unmade bed, “I’ll wait here a few more minutes and see if she comes back” As he waited for Suzanne Chico turned on the TV monitor on her side of the room.

Flipping the channels, Chico found himself an old western. Sitting back Chico relaxed as he watched the movie waiting for Suzanne to come back to her room.

The movie was interrupted with a news bulletin .

“We interrupt the scheduled program to bring you this special announcement.

“Huh” Chico thought, “Just when the movie was getting good”

A news anchor appeared on the screen “ Los Angeles Police department are investigating an assault and battery of a East Los Angeles women. If you have any information on a 6’2 Latino living in that area please contact the police department immediately. The identified female is Suzanne Richards-Ramirez of East Los Angeles, Suzanne is the daughter of wealthy Business man Dean Richards. Police are not ruling out Francisco Rodriguez as a suspect”

Chico sat up on the bed then leaped off. “Oh Shit” Chico said, “Where in the hell did they get that Idea”. Anger and nervousness began to show upon Chico, “ I fucking found her. How can they say I beat her?”

Quietly walking towards the window on the door Chico carefully looked out. “I gotta figure out a plan before they decide to lock me up” caught”



Suzanne carefully rose struggling to find her guide stick “Someone help me” Suzanne cried

“I’m coming” hearing her voice a nurse came to Suzanne’s aid.

Fearing the worst Mando decided to leave. Holding her arm Mando leaned down towards her as he spoke, “If you say one would to anyone that I hurt you. You regret even knowing me”

Mando looked all around him, finding it safe, he decided to leave in a hurry.

Chico frantically headed towards the nearest utility room. “I better hide in here” Shutting the door, Chico locked it so no one could come inside. “ I gotta think of something fast” Anger set in as he recalled the news reporter saying he beat up Suzanne, “ That’s bullshit” Chico quietly said, “Why am I being accused of this? I love Suzanne too much to do something that drastic”

“God Damn it” Chico said, “Suzanne’s father I bet is in on this. He’ll do anything to keep us a part”

“The hell with him”, Angrily Chico thought of Dean.

Chico carefully listened by the door, hearing no noise, Chico decided to carefully open the door. Noticing no one around him, Chico hurried over to Suzanne’s room.

“Suz!” Chico quietly said.

Turning her head Suzanne heard a familiar voice, “Oh my God Chico they think that you beat me up”

Chico held her, “Suz, I’m going to have to leave here for a while” Looking all around him Chico tried to spot any security walking by.

“Where are you going Chico?” Suzanne silently cried, “I wish we could be together”

Sadly Chico agreed, “ I know Suz, I’m going back to the garage to get my things. Then I’ll call my father and head to Puerto Rico”

“I’m going with you. Screw Mando and his divorce threats”:

“Divorce?” Chico questioned

“Yeah Chico, my divorce is finally official. But Mando is threatening me”

“Threatening you. How?” Chico held her tight.

“Regardless of the divorce he said he’ll never leave me. He thinks he owns me”

“Suz, don’t let him get to you. You know if you are legally divorced you are free from him”

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