Loungin with Louie!
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NEW!!! Road Trippin' 3 -Rollin' them bones through time. Part 1

Road trippin 3 - Rollin' them bones through time. Part 1


Chico his arm around Liz pulled into the garage glad to be back home. Ed and Louie looked around the enterence as they noticed a familiar wagon parked near the side of the alley. " Hmm, who's ever that is better remove it or it will scare all the customers" Chico walked over to Ed wondering what he was grumbling about. "Well Ed, I see your back to your oldself again. Either that or you lost more money that I wasn't aware of". Ed pointed towards the old rickety wagon." That piece of junk is going to scare off our customers Chico!"

Putting his hand over his forehead Chico got a good look at the wagon and around the garage.." What costumers, We haven't been busy in weeks." Leaning closer out of the garage enterence Chico got a closer look. " That looks like an old Gypsy wagon". Chico snuck over motioning to Liz and Ed to be quiet." Shhh, i'm going to take a look inside!". Chico turned his back against the wagon as he carefully snuck around towards the front window. Leaning himself closer to the draped window , Chico carefully and quietly seperated the drapes. Looking over to Ed, Louie and Liz, Chico placed his finger over his mouth to keep Ed from speaking. Turning his head chico looked over to find A gypsy looking back at him. "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Chico backed away frightend by the sudden appearence of the gypsy by the window. " What can I do you for young man?" Said the gypsy. Chico leaned up towards the wagon window looking inside. " What is that all about? " Chico asked pointing to the long tall structure hidden in the back. " What?, What is what all about?" Mykloss asked nervously." That funny looking rocket.. Are you planning a trip to mars on that thing?" Mykloss looked around trying to avoid Chico as Ed approached Chico from behind. "What is this old piece of crap doing here!" Ed looked inside to find Mykloss." Oh Geesh, your not here looking for work again are you?" Chico curiously looked at Ed and Louie. "You know this crazy person?" Ed sighed as he was about to explain it all to Chico till Mykloss reconised Ed. "Papa!" Chico stunned started to laugh. " Why Ed you sonamagun!" Chico smiled. Louie stood there all grinning. " Ed you old dog you. Congratulations!" Ed grumpily approached Chico and Louie. "Listen Chico, this hairy fellow whom you think is my own flesh and blood, isn't! " Mykloss saddened from hearing Ed. begged for mercy. " Oh please Papa! Please let me stay here till I get my feet back together". Ed sighed. "oh alright already! " Ed shook his head went back inside the garage for a bottle.

Chico looked around the wagon as Mykloss started to unload from it.. Looking up towards the roof Chico couldn't get over the enmormous structure that layed on top of it. Mykloss climbed the steps leading towards the enormous object. " What is that contraption you have up there?" Mykloss nervously waved Chico away from the wagon as he hurriedly walked down the steps. Mykloss leaned over speaking quietly . "This my loyal friend, is a time machine!" Chico backed away as he thought about what he said. "A TIME MACHINE?" Chico laughed hysterically ! " And I'm supposed to think you can put anyone in there and send them back into time!" Chico clapped his hands as he continued to laugh. Mykloss stood there as his angery hands gripped his hips. "Yes Chico, A genuine bonafied Time Machine!". Mykloss looked up as he had an idea. " Chico, gimme a hand help me get it down". Chico looked up around the structure as he then looked at the garage enterence." I don't think Ed is gonna like having this old clunker in front of the garage Mykloss". Smiling as he put his arm around Chico. "Chico, Chico, Chico, where is your sense of adventure?" Chico grasped Myklosss hand taking it off his shoulder. "I left my sense of Adventure back in Vegas". Happily Mykloss cornerd Chico." Vegas ! I love Vegas! I went to Vegas when Frank was such a swinger!"

"You went to Vegas? Did you take a ride in your time machine?" Chico asked. Mykloss shook his head." No Chico, I rode a Greyhound". Chico intrigued looked at Mykloss as Ed walked out wondering why Mkloss was still on his property being a pest. "Well Mykloss, Frank is still the swinger you claim he was".

Mykloss cornerd Ed as Chico followed. " Ed, Chico claims Frank is still the swinger he was back in the early days". Ed put his arm around him greatfully bragged about there trip. "Your right Mykloss, Frank was him oldself towards everyone". Reverand Bemis came in dragging his feet upon the ground step by step, slowly walked in pushing his skooter looking for Ed. "Say Ed, I could use your help with my skooter". Ed looked at Reverand Bemis as well as his old beat up Skooter. "Help?" Ed scratched his head." With your winnings you can buy yourself a new one!". Reverand Bemis looked at Ed pointing his finger. "Well Ed, you can't teach an old dog new tricks and this one has already been broken into!".

Looking at the time machine Reverand Bemis pulled Ed and Chico aside. "What is that big eye sore in front of your garage anyway?" Chico leaned into between Ed and Reverand Bemis.."See that crazy hairy fella over there?" Chico pointed towards Mykloss's direction. " Yeah, what about him?" Chico whisperd in his ear." Rev, he claims that contramption is a time machine" Reverand Bemiss eyes lit up ."A time Machine!?!" Rubbing his hands together. "That sounds delightfull to be traveling in the time of our Lords Birth!" Sighing happily. Feeling edgy Reverand Bemis scurried over towards the machine. "Hmm. how interesting" Reverand Bemis curiously openned the door. Chico along with Ed wonderd what Revand Bemis was up too. Stepping inside Reverand Bemis sat on one of the seats. "Hey this is pretty cozy!" Chico nudged Ed concerned about Reverand Bemis."Ah Ed, The Rev is in the machine". Ed looked over as he saw the Reverands feet dangling out of the door. " Hey wait a minute Rev. I don't think you should go in there. Doesn't look like it's very safe". Ed walked in suprised at the cushioned seats that were placed in a round position. "Well it does look a little confortable". Motioning Ed to seat down Reverand Bemis spotted Chico sneaking in a peak inside."C'mon Chico these seats are like Heaven!" Reverand Bemis leaned back sinking in confortably on his seat. Chico eagerly sat down. "Hello!" Chico smiled as he sunk deeper in his seat. Louie and Liz peeked inside. "C'mon honey sit next to daddy!" Chico winked . "Ok !" Louie grinned stepping inside as Liz followed. Liz disapointed that Louie took her seat sat next to Ed. Seating inside they all relaxed as the doors were suddenly closed tightly. " Hey what was that?" Ed asked. " Mykloss closed the doors". Chico got up as he began pounding on the dooor. "This must be sound proof!" Ed looked around trying to find any sort of latch to open the door. " Hey what's this?" Reverand Bemis asked. Flipping a switch the dial spun and spunned till it stopped. " 1959" the dial stopped at. " Hey look!' Ed pointed. "One thousand nine hundred and fifty nine" . One thousand nine hundred and fifty nine? 1959?" Chico said.

"Oh for heaven sakes Ed, Chico we are heading back to 1959!" Louie said shaking his head. Suddenly the time machine began to shake as they nervously sat back down on there seats.

Gripping the arm rests Chico, Ed, Louie, Liz and Reverand Bemis nervously looked at each other as the thrust of the time machine swooshed out of the garage. Mykloss heard the racket come from the old machine as he looked behind him finding the Time Machine fade away as it disapeard out of no where. Walking towards the bare floor where the time machine once stood Mykloss worrriedly waved his arms around trying to find any sorce of the machine."It was here a minute ago!? All I did was close the door!" Frantically Mykloss looked up in the sky. placing his hand over his eyes to shield them from the sun mykloss started to panic." Where, oh where could they have gone? I hope they haven't gone to far! Oh Papa!" Mykloss feared.

As the Time Machine spun around . The rush of the wind began to hit sides of the Time Machine. "Is this thing ever going to stop?" Louie asked as Reverand Bemis clenched his hands together in prayer pleading for a safe landing. Ed looked at Reverand Bemis."Hey Rev, I thought you enjoyed flying through the air!" Louie as well as Chico looked towards Reverand Bemis. " Yeah Rev, what gives?" Reverand Bemis slowly openned his eyes." Hey I think it stopped". Raising off his seat he shouted with glee." Halleluja!" Louie, Ed, along with Chico pryed themselfs off there seats trying to glance out the peep hole window just above the door. Chico was the first to look out." Hey I don't reconize this at all?" Louie leaned over Chico trying to take a peek." Looks like were in a different city. Kinda looks like Vegas?". Ed stood up curious." Vegas?" looking aroud Reverand Bemis rechecked the control pad in the time machine. " Hey look here's our answer!" Louie back towards Reverand Bemis. " You mean we are in Los Vegas in the year 1959?"

Reverand Bemis smiled rubbing his hands together. "Vegas in the year 1959, That was the height of the Rat Pack!" Ed looked at Reverand Bemis. "Oh Great Reverand Bemis, your going to gamble yourself in deeper debt now" Liz looked at Chico smiling "this is going to be unusual Chico, being with the Rat Pack again in there prime". Chico smiled yet sighed. "Yeah, now I'll really have to keep you under lock and key". Chico smiled as he embraced her. Each of them carefully got out of the time machine. Ed looked around for some sort of hiding place for the bulky object that brought them here. "Here gimme a hand." Louie Ed dragged the front as Chico and Reverand Bemis pushed the back end towards an empty alley.

"Whew! that was a work out!" Chico wiped his hands as Ed and Louie thought about what to do next." You know we are going to have to buy all new clothes to fit in with the times". Ed confronted everyone. Everyone looked around for any type of clothing store." hold on I'll be right back!" Chico rushed out ." Where you going son?" Louie asked." I'm getting us some wheels". Ed wonderd where Chico took off to. Louie shook his head. "Man, I hope he don't get caught!" Ed approached Louie." Ed, he said somethinmg about getting some wheels" Ed squinted ." You mean he left to go hot wire a car?" Suddenly the sound of an engine approached them. Chico pulled over driving a big gas guzzler. "Don't worry I know the owner! " Chico winked as he kidded around. "Besides this car just sat there saying take me!" Chico winked acting all big and bad. Everyone gauked at the big gas guzzler Chico drove up in. "Euuweee Where did you get this little lady?" Louie smiled. "Shhh," Chico moved over closer as Ed and Louie along with Reverand Bemis leaned inside Chicos window " It was parked over there. by the side of that casino.". Curious Reverend Bemis looked closer as he skimmed through out the design of the car. "Hold it Chico let me see the licence plate, this car looks very familiar" Walking back towards the rear end of the car . Reverand Bemis held his head as his eyes bulged out realizing who's car it belonged to. Hurrying back to Chico. "OK We have two choices here, either return the car where you found it, or go about our adventure in this particular car and fear for our lives! " Reverend Bemis nervously brushed his hair back with his hand. Chico greatfully made his decision "I say we go for a ride Rev, Why would we have to fear for our lives any way? What's the big deal?" Reverend Bemis leaned inside the passenger window looking at Chico. " Do you realize who's car this is?" Ed, along Louie and Liz appraoched Chicos window to hear about the owner of the car. " No Rev I don't know who owns this big boat of a car anyway " Ed leaned over closer towards Reverend Bemis. " What is so inportant about this car Rev?" Reverand Bemis shook his head. "This is a rare car, Only few were made back in the late 1950's. Besides I think you need to check out the license plates" Chico openned his long door as he got out of the car. Chico along with Reverand Bemis lead everyone to the rear end of the car. One by one There eyes lit up smiling. " Frank!?" Everyone Shouted. One bye one each of them looked at each other smiling. Quickly there decision was made as they all climbed back into Franks monstrerous Caddy. "C'mon Rev, it's not like Frank can't afford to buy another. He'll never miss it!" Chico looked at the rear view mirror speaking to everyone. "I'll doctor up the licence plates anyways. Frank wont even know it's his" Chico smiled. Reverand Bemis slumped down towards his seat praying constantly that they don't run into Frank. Finding a department Store Everyone hurried inside searching for clothes to fit into the era that they were now in. Each of them found several clothing items to atleast carry them over for a while. Ed purchased a bag full of small cans of Dapper Dans. Handing one over to Chico, Chico curiously looked at Ed. " What is this for?" Chico looked at the odd size can of Hair jelly. Ed and Reverand Bemis looked at Chico." It's for your hair Chico, you have to comb it back so you can fit in". Liz smiling handed Chico a rubber band. " Here use this rubber band to pull your hair back" Liz smiled helping Chico with his hair. Chico combed his hair back as he carefully styled it to fit with the times. Liz handed Chico her compact as he glanced at the small incased mirror." Hmm, " Smiling, Chico adjusted his hair. Ed handed him the permanent marker. "Here Chico You better doctor up those licence plates before someone else reconises that we have Franks Caddy". Chico snuck around the car as he quickly droppped towards the ground." Let me know if you see anyone!" Chico openned up the marker as he began to write carefully over the numbers and letters. A few minutes later. Chico rose up staring at the plates."Well what do you think?" Ed, Louie, along with Reverand Bemis carefully inspected the plates. "I think that will do Chico! That's great!" Everyone hurried back in the Caddlelac as Chico started the car. Everyone looked at the surroundings of Los Vegas."Euwwee! To be in Los Vegas in it's Prime!" Louie grinned glancing out of the window. Ed looked over towards Chicos side ." Hey Look! There's is the Sands Hotel and Casino!" Reverand Bemis leaned forward on Chicos seat." Where?!? Where!?!? Ah that's the place". Looks just as grand as It was when we last left there but better!" Pulling in the Hotel enterance Chico found a place to park Franks car. " This is a perfect spot. No one should be able to find her if she is reconized. Everyone gatherd there belongings as they got out of the car. Ed looked back at the car having a sence of curiousity. "You know Chico there is something unusual about Franks car. I just can't put my finger on it." Reverand Bemis approached Ed upon hearing his comment. " Wait a minute you two I'm going back into the car." Ed stopped Reverand Bemis . "Whats' up Rev?" Motioning Ed to follow him Reverand Bemis openned up the car. " Ed, This old Caddy might be the reason why we are here!" Ed confused looked into the car.

"What? " Reverand Bemis whisped in his ear. "Ed there might be something here that could be a part of Franks career here". Reverand Bemis openned up the glove compartment to find an envelope. "This is it!" Reverand Bemis shook the openned evelope in front of Ed. "You will find treasure in the Sands if you can beat the odds - Mykloss the Gyspy" Reading the envelope Chico over looked the signature." Mykloss the Gyspy?" Ed struggled to figure the mesage out. " Mykloss couldn't of been no more then 5 years old at this time?" Ed thought about the letter." Do you think Myklosses father was involded with Frank?"

Chico approached Ed and Reverand Bemis."Maybe Mykloss went back in time to warn Frank about something". Reverand Bemis held the letter closer as he tapped his chin with it." What could he have to warn Frank about?" Louie glanced at the letter closer as he pointed to a particular part of the letter." Hey look at this? This might be are answer!" Louie grinning ." Well I'll be dog gone!" Louie smiled looking towards Chico.

Chico and Liz holding hands looked back at Louie." What? What are you guys grinning about?" Louie showed Chico the letter addressed to Frank Sanatra.

Chico read the advertisement in the letter. " Latin Sensation Chico Rodriguez preforming live at the Sands Hotel and Casino one night only........ I'm preforming in Vegas? As a night club singer?" Chico couldn't believe what was written in the envelope . " Hey this Chico Rodriguez couldn't be me ? Could he?"

Louie and Ed glanced at the flyer as they couldn't believe the resembalance. "Well it has your name on it. If you take a good look at the preformer in the flyer . You have a very good resembalance of him". Chico grabbed the flyer taking a closer look at this Chico Rodriguez. "You guys are crazy man". Chico stared at the flyer as he noticed a similariy ."Liz, honey can I see your compact for a second?" Liz handed Chico her compact as he openned it up to look at himself all greased up in his suit. Taking a look again at the advertisement then at the mirror, Chico smiling realized at the resenbance. "Sonamagun. I'm a head liner!"

Reverand Bemis pulled Chico aside." Chico, you better be careful, I'm sure Frank means well and everything.

If you bump into him make sure your on his good side". Keeping his confidence up Chico smiled as he casuslly adjusted his collar. " Don't worry Rev, I got it under control"

Driving onto the strip Chico pulled into the front entrance of the Sands Hotel and Casino. Getting out of the car Liz, Ed, Louie and Reverend Bemis waited by the walk way as Chico pulled in the parking structure to find a reasonable place to park. "Hmm. ah yeah here's the spot." Chico turned off the motor then glanced at the rearaview mirror. " Well here goes nothin'" Chico openned up the door heading towards the walk way were everyone was. Suddenly two girls nudged him behind. "Chico? Chico Rodriguez?" Nervously smiling the girls shoved there autograph books towards him. Smiling Chico padded his jacket for a pen." I'm sorry Ladies, I don't have anything to write with" The other girl handed Chico a pen. "Here you can use mine!" Sighing she placed her pen on the palm of Chicos hand. " Who can I make this out too?" The girls gave Chico there names ." Your more dreamier then Frank and Perry!" Chico looked up at the girls." Who? Oh yeah! " Chico laughed thinking about what year he was in. "Sorry gals I've been traveling so much I forgot where I was!" Chico reached over and hugged the girls. " Sorry gals , but I'm in a hurry". Chico smiled as he tipped his hat rushing over to the rest of the group. Chico hurried over finding Ed, and Reverand Bemis looking at there watches. "Sorry about that!" Everyone looked at Chico." Where have you been?" Chico walked in the hotel with the rest of them." Your not gonna believe this but two girls reconised me and wanted my autogragh. They claimed that I was hotter then Frank and Perry". Ed looked over to Chico." Really ? Perry? Perry Como?" Reverand Bemis shook his head fearing the worst. "Once Frank finds out about this, he's gonna go bananas!". Reverand Bemis looked over to Ed and Louie. " You two know as well as I do, that this is when Franks career was going through the roof. when all the hype started". Chico and Ed looked at Reverand Bemis." What are you getting at?" Reverand Bemis motioned them to get closer together towards him." This is the very place where Franks career went burzerk! Life as we know it has never the same after that performance". Looking at Chico, Reverand Bemis made it more clearer to him. "Chico just imagine Frank as popular as someone you know in your generation". Chico looked up at the thought of it. Smiling he imagined himself preforming on stage again. " So I'm kinda like Alice Cooper huh?" Chico smiled at the thought.. Reverand Bemis thought it over. "Who's she?" Chico shooked at Reverand Bemiss remark beagan to laughed. Reverand Bemis figured it out." Chico, I understand your excitement over the resembelance of this other Chico Rodriguez. But if you take all the attention away from Frank. This could change the course of time!"

Arriving at there rooms Everyone got settled meeting in Ed, Louie and Reverand Bemis room. Reverand Bemis was fidgiting. "What's the matter Rev?" Reverand Bemis constantly drummed his fingers on the desk table . "Are you worried about Frank Rev?" Reverad Bemis loked up at Chico. " You know what happens everytime I show up here!" Rising up Reverand Bemis raised his hands in a plea. " I wanna gamble!"

Ed grasped a hold of Reverand Bemiss arms. "Ok Ok Rev, as we get settled in we'll go out to the casino". Reverand Bemis smiled as he settled down.

Reverand Bemis was gettig anxious as everyone was ready to hit the casino. Chico and Liz headed towards the black jack table. Smiling Chico and Liz remenised about Chicos decision to get married. " Ah memories huh Chico," Chico held Liz from behind. "Yeah Liz what a great way to relive our wedding only to be here several years earlier".

Chico and Liz were invloded in there game when two men walked in towards there table. Looking over Chico nudged Liz. "Look! Look! Your not gonna believe who is sitting across from us?" Chico whisperd in Liz's ear. Liz casually looked up." Oh Geez!" She laughed." This is like our trip all over again!" LIz looked over towards Frank and Dean as she tried to keep from blushing.

Dean leaned over towards Frank."Hey Frank I see an easy pick up at twelve o'clock!" Frank casually looked up as he puffed on his smoke. "Yeah I see the broad!" Frank put out his cigerette as he adjusted his suit collar making his attempt towards Liz. Chicos turn to throw was next as he began to shake the dice." Come on honey!" Liz looked on as she notice a cloud of smoke coming from behind her. "Say Sweet cakes how about you and I enbark in a little hey hey". Liz stopped her concentration as she reconized the voice behind her. Turning her back Liz reconised Frank as she casually nudged Chico with her foot. "Just a moment honey" Chico said as he eyed the table. Frank leaned against the table trying to get Lizs attention. " Listen Sweet Cakes, your a real ring-a ding!" Liz turned towards Frank. Smiling, Liz was in awe at Franks younger appearence. "Say, your a real broad! "Frank quietly remarked as he eyed Liz . Frank leaned closer against the table near Liz. "Say what's a Chick like you doin' in a Casino?" Frank lit up a smoke. "Do you work here?" Liz couldn't believe she was hearing this. "Well Sir, I used to be a part of the attraction here at one time". Curious, Frank flicked his cigarette. "Really? In what line of work would a broad like you do in a place like this?" Liz blushed as Frank smiled at her. Slowly and steadly approaching Frank, Dean came up from behind. "Hey Frank!" Dean leaned over towards his ear." She's a keeper Frank!" Frank leaned up to Deans ear pointing towards Liz with a cigeratte in his hand. "Dean, this broad claims she used to work here?" Dean rose up. "Really?" Scratching his head ."I don't remember ever seeing her? Especially as pretty as she is" Frank shook his head smacking gently on Deans face "That's because your always hangin' out at the bar after the show babee!"

Chico finished his turn then started looking for Liz. Shaking his head at Liz. "Your always hitting on poor Frank!" Chico behind Liz wrapped his arms around her waist. Frank noticed Chicos approach towards Liz. "Well what do you know, a broad carrying her own baggage!" Frank smoked his cigarette blowing the smoke towards Chico. "Well missy I guess our little hey hey is out of the question". Chico looked at Liz funny. "Hey Hey?" Liz leaned over whispering in Chicos ear. " It means romance, getting involded". Chico pulled away looking from Liz now knowing how Frank was hitting on her again. "Say doll, who can this be? Is this your mate?" Liz pulled Chico over." Mr..." Frank sincerely placed his finger on her lips interupting Liz.. "Frank, call me Frank sweet cakes" Liz composed herself as she introduced her husband to Frank. "Frank, this is my husband Chico Rodriguiez". Frank seem alittle uneasy after hearing of Liz's introduction."Ah sweet cakes so then he's your gofer " Frank smoked his cigarette carelessly flicking his ashes towards Chico " So your the Chico Rodriguez I keep hearing about. THE Chico Rodriguez". Chico nervously extended his hand towards Frank. Shaking there hands Chico could feel the tension in his grip already. "Frank I understand you've teamed up with Dean, and Sammy". Frank puffed on his cigarette." Yeah, are you upset that you didn't get invited?" Putting out his smokes. Frank blew out towards Chico. "I hear your quite a big leaguer here on the strip Chico". Chico stunned to hear this from Frank. "Well coming from you Frank, I guess it's true." Frank leaned against the table lighting another smoke . Dean leaned against him from the back of him. " Say pally how about another round! We'll let the big leaguer over there buy all the drinks". Dean leaned against the bar motioning for some service. "Say there Chico! How about coming up to our room we got ourself some broads in there!" Frank leaning against the bar table. " You mean you got us some broads in our room and your just now telling me?" Frank rose up rubbing his head. "Yeah Frank , you know how it is. I once had a girl who was banging on my door for forty five minutes. But I wouldn't let her out!!" Dean sipped on his drank as Frank got out of his chair heading back to his room. " I'll see you up there pally!" Dean took a last swig from his drink then placed it on the table. " See you around doll! " Dean winked at Liz then left the table.

Liz concerned about Chicos reaction." Hey are you ok Chico?" Chico remained calm in front of Liz."Yeah Liz, I just realized what Reverand Bemis was talking about earlier when we discoverd the envelope in Franks Caddy" Chico embraced Liz realizing he was in a situation that could start havoc with Frank and the Rest of the Rat Pack. "Well what are you going to do?" Leaning back against the bar Chico thought it over." I'll just have to play it cool and hope my so called entertainer career doesn't effect Franks". Liz embraced Chico as they were leaving the bar.

Ed, Louie and Reverand Bemis headed towards the Casino. Louie stopped placing his hand on his ear." Here that sounds fellas?" Ed concentrated on what Louie had heard." What sound Louie? I don't hear anything?" louie leaned over towards Ed and Reverand Bemis."that's the sound of me winning the jack pot fellas!" Reverand Bemis freaked out." Not If I beat you first!" Reverand Bemis hurried over towards the tables." We better catch up with the Rev, Who knows what kind of winnings he'll come back with". Reverand Bemis jogged quickly towards the Casino till he seen a publicity poster he reconised. " Oh Boy!" Reverand Bemis smiled rubbed his hands together. " I don't believe it! To be here to witness the original bunch!" Ed along with Louie finally caught up with Reverand Bemis." What's all the excitement about Rev?" Ed asked as he watched Reverand Bemis eagerly study the Promotional poster. " I gotta see this act !" Louie smiled as he tried to read the poster over Reverand Bemis bouncing up and down. Turning over Reverand Bemis greatfully pointed to the act apprearing at the Sands Hotel and Casino. "The Original Flying Elvis's!" Reverand Bemis shouted. Grasping his head his long fingers gripped his hair." Ah to see such fine acrobatics in there prime!". Ed shook his head." Hey who knows Rev, you might preform with them again". Reverand Bemis thought it over." Why Ed that sounds like a splendid idea!" Ed and Louie looked at Reverand Bemis." See, Ed now look what you've done!" Ed leaned over towards Louie." Are you kidding this is great ! This will give us a better opertunity to be able to win some money without him winning it all !" Louie looked at Ed as he agreed.

Chico and Liz walked throughout the Hotel checking out the decor that was layed out from the 1950's. "I can't believe this Chico" Liz smiled as she happily gazed upon the surroundings. Suddenly a ladie walked up towards Chico gently brushing her hand underneath Chicos chin. Chico stunned watched the girl walk passed him. " Gee" Liz held Chicos chin pulling it back. "What was that all about?" The lady stopped her footing. Turning towards Chico she began to wink at him. Liz looked over by the near by sofa grabbing the paper showing the society page."Here's your answer Romeo!" Liz shoved the article in Chicos face. "Cheese and Crackers I'm involved with Franks ex wife!" Chico sat down on the chair beside him." No wonder he was acting strange he must think I'm a fink !" Chico looked up towards Liz.as she embraced him Liz calmed Chico down." Maybe we should hunt Reverand Bemis down and ask him about this"

Chico and Liz searched throughout the hotel. Noticing one of the back stage doors open Chico and Liz snuck inside only to be pulled back by a guard. Chico panicked as he nervously looked at the guard yanking his shirt collar up. "Oh Excuse me Mr. Rodriguiez! Excuse me!" The bouncer pleaded. Chico was released from the hand that rose him adjusting his shirt he regained his composer. "Don't worry I'm not dying!" The bouncer shook Chicos hand," Between you and Frank it's hard to keep track who's runnning the strip these day!" Chico smiled shaking his hand. "No problem pally, Say how are the Flying Elviss doing on stage?" Chico asked as the bouncer was shocked that he was having a normal conversation with him." Mr Rodriguez..." Chico patted him on the arm. "Call me Chico". Relieved the bouncer continued his converstaion."Well Chico, The Flying Elviss are a real gas!" Laughing as he continued to watch the rehersal. " Cool!" Chico looked towards the stage." I don't believe he actually pulled it off!" The bouncer looked at Chico."Excuse me?" Chico unaware of the his remark spoke to the bouncer. " One of the members of the Flying Elviss and I go way back!" Happily the bouncer openned the door further to let Chico in the back stage/. Chico walked in staring at the far end of the stage that he had preformed in several years later. "This is the actual stage that Frank, Sammy , Dean and I preformed together in" Smiling Chico looked up and around the theater as he was approached from behind. "How does it feel to be a class act Chico?" Chico turned around finding Sammy smoke a cigarette. "It is amazing, I still can't remember how it all came about?" Sammy puffed on his smoke. " You remember, you were a fast rising star hanging out with Frank and his soon to be ex wife" . Chico nodded."yeah I suppose so." Sammy continued to smoke as he flicked is ashes. "Ever since you were caught with Franks now ex wife you've become such a box office smash!" Chico scuffed his shoes on the floor."So that's what happened. Do you think Frank will ever come around? He seems kinda edgy latety". Sammy put his arm around Chico. "I'm sure he already has. If Frank was out to get you. You would been deliverd to someone by now in a body bag". Chico cringed as he rememberd Franks connections with the mafia. "Well thats a relief" . As the rehersal of the Flying Elviss came to a close Chico stood near the side of the preformance area where the Flying Elviss had practiced. Walking up towards the preformers they stopped what they were doing expect for Reverand Bemis.One of the other preformers nudged Reverand Bemis to see who was behind him. Looking over his Shoulder Reverand Bemis greeted him. "Oh hello Chico". All the other preformers looked at Reverand Bemis like he was crazy. " What?" Reverand Bemis said as he adjusted his foot wear. Looking over his shoulder again. " Chico come sit down. I'd like to talk to you". Chico took off his jacket throwing it over his shoulder as he sat down." Same goes here Rev babee" Chico couldn't believe what he was saying. Shaking his head Reverand Bemis had a feeling this was coming. "Chico, I was afraid of this" Chico flicked his finger nails as he listened to the Reverand. " You afraid of what Rev?". Fearing what lied ahead Reverand Bemis confessed to Chico. "You turning into Franks Sanatras altar Ego". Chico looked at his suit as he adjusted himself. " Me? Why Rev babee, I am the one and only Chico Rodriguez! " Standing up Chico tried to shrug it off. " Why I'm an original gasser!" Chico smiled. " No one could out do me?" Reverand Bemis tried to reason with him. " Frank is and will alaways be the original gasser Chico. Frank is fearing for his career now that he is aware of your, I mean Chico Rodriguez's involvement with his ex wife!" Chico looked over towards Reverand Bemis. "You know as well as I know I was never with Franks ex wife or any other chick for that matter.........." Chico walked around thinking of Liz. "Do you think Lizs time as a Show girl has had some sort of vision for Frank reguarding me?" Reverand Bemis thought it over."Gee, Chico I don't know". Looking around the bungie cords hanging from the upper stage area Chico questioned Reverand Bemis."Say Rev, how did you manage to get to preform with the Flying Elvisses again?" Reverand Bemis looked all around him as he pulled Chico aside." Chico, I told them I was good Friends with Frank Sanatra" Covering his face in fear of Franks knoledge Chico seperated his hands."Rev, Frank is going to have a bird!" Realizing what Reverand Bemis told him earlier he confronted him. " Rev, remember when you told me earlier what I could do know that could effect Franks career later in his life?" Reverand Bemis knodded." Yeah" . Sighing Chico confronted Reverand Bemis about his involvement as one of the Flying Elviss. " Reverand if you get too involde in this you will miss your calling". Reverand Bemis watched the performers as he sighed. " Chico I just don't know what to do now".

Ed, and Louie were sitting at the poker tables when Liz decided to join them." hello Fellas, this seat taken?" Ed and Louie smiled. "no, your just in time" Ed, Louie, and Liz.

Later Chico and Liz recieved her cards as well as Ed and Louie. Each shaking there heads in losing to there hand that were dealt to them Quietly as a cloud of smoke apeared Ed and Louie looked out of the corners of there eyes to see who was sitting down on the vacant seat. "Uh oh this looks like a trouble?" Louie whisperd to Ed. Ed looked over the corner of his eye watching Frank Sinatra hitting on Liz. Leaning on the table Frank eyed Liz as he puffed on his cigarette. "Liz babee, how about showing ole' Frank what you used to do at the casino here" Liz nervously dropped her cards on the floor between her and Frank . Liz leaned down to pick them up as well did Frank. " Here sweet cakes let me help!" Liz leaned down bumping heads with Frank. "Ah geez, Mr Sinatra, I'm such a clutz" Frank brushed the hair out of Lizes eyes. "forget about doll, now tell me what line of work did you get involved in this casino?" Frank struggled to remember what she did." What's a broad like you involved in, and in this casino?" Frank smoking on his cigaraette blew smoke away from them."Why wasn't I aware of this sweet cakes?" Liz smiled shyly. "You mean you don't remember?" Dean walked in looking for Frank. " hey boss!" Dean lifted his drink as a greeting." Boss?" Liz asked." Yeah babee, I run this racket, being a partcial owner of this fine establishment it troubles me that I can't recall what line of work you were involved in Babee!" Dean leaned over towards Frank." Hey maybe she was one of the girls?" Frank puffed on a cigerette." looking curiously at Liz. " You know something Liz, I bet Deano here is right?" Liz pointed to herself." Me a show girl?" Liz smiled as she tried to keep from laughing in front of Frank. Smiling in his sweet seductive way Frank gently place his hand on her chin and kissed Liz slowly. Releasing Frank convinced her. "I say Dean and I make you one of the attractions sweet cakes!" Liz smiled as she then thought about Chico. Fearing his reaction to Franks pass. "Say Liz how about it? How about you and I get involved in a little hey hey!" Liz shrugged away.Frank leaned in closer between Liz and the chair next to her. Pointing to the direction near Chico, Frank sweet talked to Liz. "Or are you all locked up with this Chico?" Liz sighed." Frank. I......" Frank extrended his arm towards Liz. "Well then it's settled then. You and me got a date with destiny babee ". Liz smiled as she gazed in Franks eyes walked out of the poker table. Ed and Louie continued to play as they wonderd what Frank was up to with Liz.. Chico noticed out of the corner of his eye that Frank had sweet talked Liz into something again. Sighing Chico tossed his cards on the table as he turned his chair around to watch them leave the card table area.

"Uh oh" Louie looked over towards Frank and Liz. "What? what?" Ed looked over his shoulder noticing Frank and Liz together." You know I remember reading about Frank gettiing involded with someone while he was getting a divorce?" Louie still kept his eye towards Frank and Liz. " Oh so do you supose that Liz is Franks flavor of the month?" Louie looked back at Frank and Liz. " Let's hope not for Chicos sake" Louie nudged Eds arm whispering in his ear.. "The boy is going to be heart broken if Liz ends up to be another one of Franks trophy wifes again".

Chico got up and started to follow Frank and Liz. "Hey Chico where are you going?" Ed stopped Chico just as he was about leave." I have to catch up Frank and Liz . They went scramsville on me!" Chico let go of Eds grip on his arm. "That bum doesn't realise that Liz is my broad!"

Chico rushed over sneaking his way over towards Frank and Lizs direction. Chico was about to catch up to them till he got caught between several girls looking for Chico."Chico? Chico Rodriguez?" The ladies pulled him away from Liz and Frank as Chico eagerly looked over his back as Frank went away with Liz. Chico signed autographs then rushed to catch up with Liz and Dean." Hey whatcha doin' with my broad!" Chico yelled over.

Frank with his arm causally around Liz's shoulder, slightly turned his head looking at Chico. Chico tried to catch up them as Frank and Liz entered the elevater, "Come on Liz, let's make our way up to heaven " Frank , turned around facing Liz as he press for the floor, Liz was in awe still over Franks charm and appearance, Chico just missed there elevator as he impatienly pressed for the other elevator to get to his floor, while he waited Chico continued to eye Franks elevator as it continued to rise to the top. "C'mon! Cmon! ! " Chico eagerly waited as one was going down. Chico watched as the car made it's way to his floor as the sound of screaming girls were heading his directions,Sighing Chico, looked around as he tried to find a place to hide. Looking back up to the elevator lights, the elevator had been stuck 2 floors above him. A swarm of girls ran around the corner, as Chico freaked, "damn broads! Well if Frank is going to try to embark in a litle hey hey with my Liz then why not, why not make it intresting for dear ole Frank," Chico eagerly walked over to one of the girls in the group and kissed her, "you remind me of Franks wifes?" Chico gently brushed his hand against the girls chin. Adjusting his collar and suit he was raren to go, "now to swing with Franks very own goods. Where is that broad when you want her". Chico left the lobby, with intentions to catch himself a new trophey.

Frank and Liz left the elevator, Liz mezmerised by Franks appearence clung on him, "Well babee, we're home!" Frank opened the door as he lead her in. "What can I get you doll, a club soda or something a little more potent!" Liz smiled, "anything on the rocks will do Frank" Frank eagerly mixed Liz a drink then handed it to her, "Say Liz, Now tell me about your work here in the casino. It blows my fricken' mind that I can't recall such a class act like yourself participating in this fine establishment?" Liz looked around as she witnessed autographed black and whites on the wall from famous celebrities with there siganitures addressing to Frank. Noticing Liz gaze through the many photos, Frank spotted her looking at one with him and another showgirl. "What are you laughing about doll?" Frank went up behind her unexpectedly wrapping his arms around. "Well sweet cakes I think I solved the mystery behind you. Yet I some how can't recall this history making even!?" Liz turned around looking at Frank, "history making event?" Frank smiled lightly smacking her butt, "you were a show girl!" Liz gasped, Frank took her to the other side of his hotel room, " in fact Liz, If I recall I might still have one of your costumes. I recieved it as a gift from the Rev". Liz could believe it, was he thinking who she thought he was thinking? Frank walked over towards Liz, "Here babee, try this on for old time sake" Liz placed the outfit in front of her, feeling alittle more relieved from the style of the costume less relvealing the previous one Frank gave her the first time. "You got this from the Rev?" Liz question, "yeah Liz babee, a Reverend Bemis to be presis, He 's quite a swinger, So he says" Liz was speechless then laughed thinking maybe he was refering to the Flying Elvis's act, Reverend Bemis so much adored. "A Reverend? A swinger?" Frank gently placed the show girl out fit over her, " Ah Liz, I remember now babee! You wore this outfit when the rest of the boys and myself had our famous meeting!!" Frank lit a smoke looked up recalling the event. "As I recall, You were after Deano!" Liz looked at Frank, "Deano?" Frank smiled as he swirled his drink, "Sweet cakes , Ah come now, you remember, Dean kept bugging me about saying how much of a barn burner you were, expect for that casual interuption" Frank puffed on his cigarette. "That bum Rodriguez!" Liz shocked walked away from Frank.. "Frank, I'm involded with Chico... Rodriguez". Frank sipped his drink, "You involved with that Rodriguez fella ? What's a chick like you doin' with a creep like Rodriguez?" Frank scratched his head couldn't understand her involvement with Chico, "I'm dyin' Liz! And I thought only dames hung around with Rodriguez?" Liz casually sat down at the edge of the bed, "Frank do know about the rumor?" Frank disgusted puffed on his smoke, "you mean about Chico bagging my old lady? Chico, is going no where if he keeps that up!" Liz sighed, "Frank I happen to know first hand he isn't involded with her". Frank puffed on his smoke, "Oh really sweet cakes? What makes you so sure? I don't hear him bangin' on my door for your presense needed......."

Thunderous pounding sounds were heard outside Franks door, "Frank!!...... Liz is mine, She's my chick!" Frank stood up yelling at his closed door to Chico, "Now listen Rodriguez, If Liz, is your chick, what is she doin in here with me!" Chico kicked Franks door open, "Frank, Liz has class, she's a real ring a ding broad if you know what I mean!" Franks kept his cool in front of Liz, "Yeah, Chico, a player like yourself oughta know that!" Liz stood between the two of them, "Fellas, no need to argue....." Frank puffed on his smokes," I say we have our selves a duel Rodriguez" Chico flicked his finger nails, yeah how do you suppose we go about it Frank" Frank thought it over, "well from what i understand Chico, i hear your quite a headliner" Chico agreed, "Yeah Frank, why what gives?" "Well Rodriguez, I say we. You , me, Dino, and Sammy team up and do a gig together" Chico smiled with a smirk as he agreed. " I'm the original gasser Frank! I'll take your challange and make you look like Jerry Lewis!" Frank puffed on his smokes, "I can dig it pally! That's too bad Chico, because after the preformance you may end up having a career with the flying Elivis's". Chico walked over to Liz extending his arm out for her, seductivly eyeing her in front of Frank, "Hey babee, your feet must be tired, because you've been running through my mind all day!" Chico smiled light puckerd his lips to her, " C'mon little miss hot n spicy let's go!" Liz eagerly rose off the bed following Chico as she glanced back at Frank..

Reverend Bemis limberd up after getting his chance to preform with the original flying Elvis's thanks to Chico. Stretching his legs He croutched forward as he prepared his warm ups. A fragrant aroma krept up towards Reverend Bemis as he rose his head sniffing the air, " I'd reconize that scent anywhere" Reverend Bemis turned around finding Franks ex behind him, "you must be the witch doctor I've heard so much about!" Reverend Bemis backed away, "Isn't frank looking for you?" Shaking her head, she replied no. Approaching Reverend Bemis closer to him she pleaded with him, "I want so badly to be apart of the experience Rev, how 'bout it?" Reverend Bemis shocked yet agreed with her, " well, if you insist!" Reverend Bemis finished stretching calling over his partner from the Flying Elvis's, "Say Charlie, I'll be right back, I have some buisness to conduct with this here broad" , Reverend Bemis escorted Frank Sinatra's ex wife out of the stage area , " How about we leave and find the right outfit for this fine event that we will be participating together" Looking at Reverend Bemis, She happily agreed as she held on to his arm leaving the preformance area.

Chico with his arm casually draped over Liz's shoulder strolled through out the casino, stopping near one of the poker tables he decided to play a round. Tossing his chips on the table Liz noticed Chico's unusual type of chips, "Chico, where on earth did you get a hold of these?" Chico reached into his jacket pocket and handed her one, "here missy have yourself a treat!" Chico placed the chip on the palm of her hand, " It's a gift I got from the Rev. He got too much money he's practically giving it away". Liz curiously looked at Chico then at the chip, "Is there something you know about him that I don't?" Chico denied it as he shrugged Liz off,"no more then you do Liz" Casually Chico looked around to see if anyone heard him, " Come on babee, let's roll a little thunder ". Louie and Ed were patiently awaiting there next hand at the poker table when someone casaully placed the society page of the newspaper near Ed and Louie. Louie reached over to retrieve some chips,"how did this get here? Hmm.....Oh Ed take a look at this!" Louie slid the paper towards Ed," What! Can't you see i'm about to win....." Ed looked over the headlines, "Do you think this is possible? Could Franks career be on the line?" Ed continued to read the article "Latin Sensation Chico Rodriguez, blows Sanatra over in this weeks top of the pops" Ed continued to read as he casually glanced over the paper, "Uh, oh take a look over there Louie!" Ed pointed over to Chico's direction, "Is that Franks ex wife trying to get Chico's attention with Liz next to her?" Ed casually looked over, "oh geesh!"

Later that day Reverend Bemis with Franks soon to be ex wife walked through the theater enterance heading towards the back stage area where woredrobe was held. Reverend Bemis's eyes lit up as he reconized some of the costumes. Reverend Bemis found a particular article of clothing, "Ah I think this little number will do wonders for our event. What do you think?" Placing it over the front of her she looked into the full length mirror. "Gee Rev, I don't know, somehow I don't think this color suits me?" Reverend Bemis stood behind her, "Well, it won't matter that much, you wont be wearing that for too long anyway. The garment underneath is the important part". Franks ex wife smiled as she agreed, " Rev, I do believe your right!"

Chico was busy at the Poker table as Liz sat next to him. Casually sitting down to the other side of Chico, Franks ex wife at the other empty seat next to Chico. Swoony over him, she leaned her head against Chico's shoulder. "Well Rodriguez, I see your not only cleaning house here on the table but all the broads as well". Frank leaned over blowing smoke to his direction, "You are correct Frank ole' boy. What do you except when a head liner makes his way around the casino?" Chico carefully studied his cards. Franks laughed, "and I thought you only made your way around with all the broads!" Chico smiled as he felt more relaxed this time with Frank. "Say Rodriguez, We need to talk about our so called duel, that has been spreadin' like wild fire." Chico rose off his seat as did Frank ," Well Frank what kind of spectical do you plan on making of me?" Frank casualy draped his arm over Chico's shoulder, "Listen Rodriguez, as long as i'm still the main attraction here, i don't care what kind of hanky panky you get yourself into. Ok pally?" Chico and Frank strutted around the stage as they heard thunderous sounds of foot steps heading there direction. "Here Rodriguez, let me show you how it's done. You dig?" Chico prepared himself to study him as Frank got out his pen out of his inside jacket pocket. The doors swung open a group of girls ran towards there direction, Frank smiling eager to sign autographs waited for the girls to catch up to them. Suddenly a swarm of girls ran up the stairs at the side of the stage heading there direction. Frank eagerly smiled, "ladies, ladies one at a time!" They ran past Frank heading to Chico, "Chico! Chico!" Several girls swarmed over to Chico leaving Frank all to himself. Chico eagerly signed all he could as girls continued to shove there autograph books towards him. Tapping his ink pen upon his wrist Frank became edgy as he watched the girls that used to swoon over him were now swooning over Chico. "Hey Rodriguez!, Enjoy it while you still can! Remember we have ourselves a duel later with the rest of the boys". Chico smiled casualy waved Frank off," I'll see you later at rehersal pally!" Franks adjusted his suit casualy strutting out of the theater.

Reverend Bemis prepared himself for his special event, "this will be a night to remember. I just hope Frank will understand" Reverend Bemis thought it over . "Gee I hope the media will be kind to Franks wife after the evening is over. She did say she wanted nothing to do with him. A little swinging around couldn't hurt anyone." Looking out over the drape he tried to convince himself he could pull this off. "Well after tonight, I'm sure our little tumble will be the high light of the strip!" Reverend Bemis, closed the drapery going back to his room to change.

Frank, Dean,Sammy and Chico met near the entrance of the theater. "Great! i'm glad you all could make it. I thought we would take in a matinee before we all get together for our rehersal. "That sounds swell Frank!" Sammy grinned. Frank lead everyone into the theater. Sitting down they each browsed through there programs. The house lights down as the curtain opened up...."Ladies and Gentlemen, The Sands hotel and casino proudly present the flying Elvis's...... Each member of the flying elvis's leaped into the air flying through the stage tossing to each other there traditional teddy bears. One member summersaulted as he caught one just in time. The croud owwd and ahhhed. Chico pointed to one in particular, "Hey that's Reverend Bemis!" Looking over to Chico Frank curiously leaned over, "You know the Rev?" Chico grinned, "Are you kidding? The Rev and I go way back!" Frank cringed after hearing Chico's reply, Nervously as he puffed his cigeratte. Leaning over towards Chico he confessed, "Rodriguez, with you so close knit with the Rev, that means my days of running the strip are numbered". Chico shocked looked over to Frank, " ME? Why Frank you've always ran the strip. Just because I know the Rev, couldn't mean i'm under control. Besides what does the Reverend have to do with the strip any way?" Dean looked over towards the other side of the stage. " Chico, Frank I think I may have found your answer". Frank, Sammy, Dean and Chico looked up over to the other side of the stage as a new member dived down to meet with the group. Frank sipping his drink got a closer look. "What is the witch doctor doin' with my broad! My ex broad!" Frank stood up getting a closer look at Reverend Bemis grasp hold of Franks Ex wife by her waist as he pulled her up towards him for there next tumbling act. " Well I'll be dog gone!" Dean smiled, " I didn't know the Rev had it in him!" Chico smiled,"sonamagun look at him go!" Chico stood up smiling, "That a boy Rev babee! Your quite a swinger!!" Frank rubbed his forehead, "this is unbelieveable, My ex and the Rev?! Why that dame never did any swinging around with me like she is doin' with the Rev. I'm dyin!" Still standing waving at Reverend Bemis Chico calmed Frank down, "Get over it Frank, it's not like she's getting action!" Sammy looked over towards Dean and Chico, "Action?! That's the most action she's ever got! If only I could hear Reverend Bemis's next confession!!!" Sammy smiled as he puffed on his smokes.Frank nervously puffed on his smokes, "I need a breather!" Rising off his seat Frank casually left the aisle going towards the lobby. Chico wonderd why Frank made a quick exit, " Hey keep an eye on the witch doctor for me, I'll be right back!" Chico quickly jogged out of the theater looking for him, "Frank!! Wait up!" Looking back towards Chico, he stopped to see what he wanted, "What's up Rodriguez?" Frank puffed on his smokes motioning him to the nearest bar. "Follow me Chico we need to talk" Reassuring Frank, Chico causually patted him on the back, "I'm sure it was nothing Frank" Frank lead Chico towards the bar, "What can I get ya Rodriguez" . Chico cringed over the thought of having Frank order him something, " I'll take tomato juice Frank" Frank looked at Chico, " What? I'm surprised Chico, someone like you, I wouldn't think would be nursing a glass full of tomato juice" . Chico motioned the bartender over, "Hey pally, Let me be the battender!" Frank curiously looked over towards Chico, as he walked over behind the bar. "Here Frank, this is how I like my tomato juice". Chico poured a can of juice, as he added a bottle of tobasco sauce. Sqeezing lemon slices and several other non alcoholic flavorings. He covered the blender then fired it up. " Come on babee! Dance for me!" Chico opened the lid taking a whiff, "Ah that's my girl!" Chico smiled. Grabbing a tall hurricane glass Chico filled it up with ice then poured the concoction in the glass. "Here Frank, here is something I thorougly enjoying. Frank looked at the concoction, "Why Rodriguez this looks just like a bloody Mary?" Chico smiled, "this aint no ordinary bloody Mary Frank. "Take a swig." Dean walked in the bar just as Frank was about to take a sip. "Hey did I miss out in round?" Frank leaned back motioning to Dean to sit down, "Deano, Rodriguez here is trying to convince me that this here concoction is no ordinary Bloody mary". Dean looked at Frank's drink from Chico, "It looks like a bloody mary" rising it towards it nose Dean inhaled it, "Smells like one, ah Hell I have one too!" Dean smiled. Chico laughed as he poured Deans into a glass handing it to him, "Well fellas, do you mind if I join you all in a round?" Dean and Frank lifted there glass up in the air, "Yeah pally! We'll share this concoction with you!" Chico poured himself a glass. Raising it in the air he made a toast, "Here's to a dynamite future ahead!" Frank and Dean each raised there glass, "here ! Here!" Frank took a sip then Dean. Swallowing they each spit it out due to the spiciness of Chicos concotion, "Rodriguez, what the hell do have in here?!" Frank's eyes began to water, as he swallowed Chico's mixed drink, Dean squinted his eyes to keep from watering. "Damn Rodriguez, what kind of poison do you have in here? Gimme another one!" Frank looked over to Dean as he leaned his head on the counter of the bar, couldn't believe Dean asked for another one of Chicos wicked brew. Frank tried to recover as he leaned his head resting on the table, "Holy Mary mother of God, Rodriguez! What the hell did you put in there that I didn't see!" Chico grinned as he spoke in thick accent,"ah Frank it's an old family recipe". Dean leaned over the bar as he glanced at Frank still trying to recover, "So Rodriguez, is this what you Latinos call moon shine?" Frank raised his head off the counter rubbing his head. "No wonder your so full of fire all the time, this drink can put you straight in hell!" Chico grinned, "so Frank you game for 'nother shot of one!" Frank cringed waving Chico's pitcher away, "No Way Rodriguez, I don't need anymore of your gasoline!" Dean feeling a buzz waved his glass towards Chico, "Ah come on Frank, Chico filler up!!" Frank looked at him as Dean calasped on Franks shoulder leaning over him. "For somptin' that has no alcohol, this stuff can sure put you out". Frank raised his head as he rubbed his eyes, "Where's Liz!" Frank turned his head looking at every direction, "Where's that broad when you want her?" Frank looked behind his shoulder as Liz walked into the bar. "Liz, Babee!" Frank carefully stood up putting his arm around her. " Come with me Sweet cakes. I need to walk off this unfamiliar buzz Rodriguez gave me" Liz reached over, sniffing Franks drink, " I see Chico gave you one of home brews!" Frank smiled at Liz, " Yeah Liz, It's killer! Something I don't think a broad like yourself could handle." Liz sniffed the drink again, sighed in disagreement then drank the rest of what was in Frank's glass. "Holy smokes women! I should of assumed a ring a ding broad like yourself would be into tomatoes" Frank carefully extended his arm out to her. "Come on sweet cakes and help ole Frank recover from his misery". Frank carelessly fanned himself to cool off, "Geesh! I don't know what's gettin' me so heated up? Was it that damn moonshine of Rodriguez's or is it you Liz babee!" Frank smiling at Liz still showed the effects from Chico's tomato juice concoction. Dean and Chico watched Liz carefully escort Frank out of the bar. Dean leaned over speaking quietly to Chico, "Word has it Chico that you're about to take over the strip again...." Chico nodded his head in agreement, "You know it's possible. Why?" Dean shaking his cocktail glass leaned closer to Chico, "Well Rodriguez. Frank and us boys are about to get together and do several shows in "our room" you know the Copa room here in the hotel so to speak". Chico didn't make much of what Dean said till he remembered Reverend Bemis mention about Franks career going burzerk this year. "Ah Deano I recall the press saying something to that effect about all you guys shootin' the shit together". Dean smiled, "yeah what ever the public wants we give 'em Chico! We all could stand up and sing Merry God Damn Christmas songs and the audience would still be lining up at the door". Filling up his glass Chico was concerned, "Yeah so what's the problem pally?" Dean tuned his head back looking all around him, "Well Rodriguez, Frank seems to think that you being such a big leaguer here, he's planned these meeting for months to spark up the strip and our careers then a beaner like yourself show's up and steals all our thunder!" Chico sighed as he wiped the bar table, "ah pally you know I don't mean no harm!" Chico thought of an idea, "how about since you fellas are practically legendary, I'll MC the gig, sing a few numbers with ya fellas and have you guys do most of the show?" Dean knodded in agreement, " Sounds like a plan pally! Say let me speak to the boss and maybe he can put you in at the finale!? " Dean lifted his cocktail glass, "Why Rodriguez I'm sure of it! He'll go for the idea. It'll be a gas!!


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