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A poem by Mando....for all my friends

There once was a princess, her name was Snow White. She was a gorgeous babe, I mean she was really tight..
She was loved by all, 'cept her step-sisters and the queen. As they were all very jealous, and treated Snow White mean..
This maiden was fair, and the Dwarfs gave her much attention.She was a sight to see, and very beautiful, did I mention?
The the dwarfs and animals in the forest, and the birds in the air. Loved to hear her sing, and at her, they would all stare..
She was kind and so sweet, yet very lonely, was she inside. And from the dwarfs and the animals, her sadness, she couldn't hide..
But every Friday night at 8:30, she watched a comedy T.V. show. It was "Chico & The Man", the dwarfs and animals, had front row..
This was her time of solace, and a chance to finally relax. She she got off her computer, and then she shut-off her fax..
Mando was her favorite character, but Freddie Prinze was the star. And Freddie learned how to drive, in Mando's big Cadillac car..
Unfortunately tragedy struck, and "Chico & The Man" came to a close
Because a young comedic genius, Freddie Prinze, had many woes..
But all over the country, "Chico" fans, still wanted them to see. So a fan club emerged, started by Suz, who lives in Milwaukee..
Now this fan club has many members, and they mail one-another. Sharing stories about "Chico", and even "Mando" his big brother..
But in the deepest part of the forest, Snow White fell into a sleep. Because of the trickery of the witch, who was a jealous creep..
But along came Chico's friend Mando, who would help save the hour. Giving the sleeping Snow White a kiss, that had awakening power..
Miraculously Snow White awakened, and began rubbing her eyes. The dwarfs and animals were so happy, you could hear all their cries..
So Mando looked to heaven, and said, "Freddie, I'm a Prince like you"
And all the 7 dwarfs, became part of the "Chico & The Man's" crew..
    To all my friends on this website, God Bless you all....Mando



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